Saturday, 14 April 2007

New bike

My new bike is a tourer, with drop handlebars. I have never had them before, always eschewing them in the past on the basis that I want to sit up and see what's going on. But I really like them. I feel younger and more energetic, like a tousle-haired young man in flares speeding along with effortless athleticism, rather than like the middle-aged suit wearer that I am. Not many things you buy make you feel so different, so quickly.

I bought the cheapest model available, since it is a mode of transport for me, not a piece of sporting equipment. I need something workmanlike, for my daily commute. It is a necessary tool, not a leisure machine.

Locking it up is a bit harder, as I need a lock extension to secure both wheels from the wankers who use the quick release levers, put there to help you on some trans-Alpine ride when you need to change a tyre at 6,000 feet, as a means of stealing something of limited value to them but quite essential for you.