Friday, 26 April 2013

How to be a woman by Caitlin Moran

Caitlin Moran is a British journalist who writes for The Times newspaper. This book is more than just a collection of her articles (she has published another book which is exactly that) as it does stick to its theme of  post-feminism feminism. It is, in my opinion which I know from speaking to others is not shared by all, hilarious. It is scabrous, occasionally disgusting and full of cultural in-jokes for people who have grown up in Britain over the last 40 years or so. But it also tackles some serious issues about how women are objectified, the whole ladette/pornstar/'we are empowered by showing we aren't disempowered by conforming of our own free will in an ironic way to ideals of personal appearance created by male dominated culture' kind of thing.

Actually, that last sentence was a reasonable imitation of Moran's style, though nothing like as funny. Lots of elliptical phrases that convey meaning for those already in the know.

The book ended at the right time, however. Her style is high-powered and intense, so after a while it can get a bit much. But it is bloody hilarious.

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